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Curated lifestyle and fitness content to inspire our community

At CardioTech we want you to live a fitter, healthier and longer life and what better way to help, than by ensuring you have access to regular, high-quality content designed to show you how to do it. For this reason, it is a part of our mission to create a platform complete with reputable, topical and useful information at your fingertips, so you can make this goal a reality.

Our editorial values and purpose

At CardioTech we understand how important it is to create content-rich editorial that matters and can be trusted.

We are in the process of assembling a team of writers and health professionals with topical expertise to create articles to help inform and inspire our CardioTech readers.

Our writers will understand the intrinsic value of well-researched articles and be relied on to deliver informative editorial laden with expert opinion and packed with substance.

How will we do this? We will go straight to the most relevant source.

If we’re publishing an article that needs the expertise of a Physiotherapist, we will go straight to that health professional. If we need the expertise of a qualified dietitian, we will approach them too.

We will let the experts guide us.

From this benchmark, we will ensure our published content demands inclusion, transparency, and accuracy.

Content standards

What you can expect when reading our content:

We are here to bring you content that will help give you the motivation and know-how to exercise more effectively, avoid injuries, understand your body and how to eat healthier, and prevent injury.

Collating high-quality original content, backed by science and supported by fact, builds trust. This transparency makes CardioTech a destination to keep you in the loop with matters about your health and fitness.

We want it to be easy to read and even easier to follow so you can make long-term and positive changes in your life and be empowered.

Our editorial guiding principles:

Our editorial and panel of contributing writers subscribe to the Australian Press Councils’ code of principles as our guiding light. These principles are set out as below:

The General Principles Publications are free to publish as they wish by reporting facts and expressing opinions, provided they take reasonable steps to comply with the following Principles and the Council’s other Standards of Practice.

Accuracy and clarity

1. Ensure that factual material in news reports and elsewhere is accurate and not misleading, and is distinguishable from other material such as opinion.

2. Provide a correction or other adequate remedial action if published material is significantly inaccurate or misleading.

Fairness and balance.

3. Ensure that factual material is presented with reasonable fairness and balance and that writers’ expressions of opinion are not based on significantly inaccurate factual material or omission of key facts.

4. Ensure that where material refers adversely to a person, a fair opportunity is given for subsequent publication of a reply if that is reasonably necessary to address a possible breach of General Principle 3.

Privacy and avoidance of harm

5. Avoid intruding on a person’s reasonable expectations of privacy, unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest.

6. Avoid causing or contributing materially to substantial offense, distress or prejudice, or a substantial risk to health or safety, unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest.

Integrity and transparency

7. Avoid publishing material that has been gathered by deceptive or unfair means, unless doing so is sufficiently in the public interest.

8. Ensure that conflicts of interest are avoided or adequately disclosed and that they do not influence published material.

CardioTech Content Principles

• Our articles will always meet the highest editorial standards (as set out in the Australian Press Council’s editorial principles).

• They will be informative, educational, and relevant.

• Articles will be credible, backed by statistics, and feature expert insight and commentary. This is a non-negotiable as it gives our advice credibility.

• All submissions will be fact-checked to maintain accuracy.

• When it comes to our health coverage, we’ll never publish a story without quoting an authority on the subject.

• Our content is thoroughly reviewed by professionals, if not written by a professional in that field in the first place. Our fact-checkers will cast a critical eye over our articles and ensure any cited peer-reviewed studies are reflective of the most up-to-date clinical research.

•We will check a direct quote from a qualified expert, against medical journals and cite a trusted, peer-reviewed study right there to ensure it is accurately reported.

Fact-checking writers and sources

If you read something in a CardioTech article, please know that the information came straight from a qualified source or a medically backed, peer-reviewed journal and that the facts have been checked by someone on our team.

Editorial Ethics

We will not publish or promote products, health, fitness tips or advice, or professional opinions that we don’t personally recommend.

Our style and tone of voice

A consistent editorial style and tone-of-voice thread create a cohesive set of articles to inspire and delight our readers.

Our style is informative, educational, and inclusive. Our tone of voice is clear, warm, and knowledgeable.

What is tone?

Written tone is created by the words and phrases you use when communicating, and how you structure your sentences. For example, using direct, second-person pronouns (such as “you”) and simple, casual phrases can create a friendly and inviting tone. Similarly, using only third-person pronouns (“he,” “she” or “they”), complex phrasing, and more technical terms and industry jargon can, by comparison, create a more formal, distant tone.

Where you can learn more about tone and style expectations:
Style Manual for Authors, Editors, and Printers (John Wiley & Sons, 6th ed, 2002).

Do you have feedback about how our tone of voice or style impacts your reading experience? We’d like your feedback, please email us on…

Keeping our blog up to date

Critical to our success is the accuracy and relevance of our articles.

As in any field, ideas and facts evolve and change. Consequently, articles may become less meaningful as new ideas come to light.

So we can assure our readers to keep our content fresh, cutting edge, and correct, we run a blog content audit every 12 months.

Community ideas

If you have an article idea or topic of interest you would like one of our experts to follow up and possibly write an article about, please submit your idea here at



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